Newborn Session Preparation Guide


Congratulations, you are going to have baby!

Preparing for a new baby consists of lots of lists: registry, nursery items, hospital bags. (Thank goodness for those lists, because I know first hand that pregnancy brain is real.) This newborn session preparation guide is another helpful list to help prepare for baby’s new beginning.

One of the first milestones most new moms think about documenting is the pregnancy. You are literally glowing, growing, and gorgeous! This is a great time to book your maternity and newborn session, because my calendar is usually 2-3 months out.

Newborn photography sessions typically take place within the first two weeks after the baby is born when there is a lot going on. It’s easy to forget everything you may need for your session so this blog post will help prevent that!

Lifestyle Newborn Session Preparation Guide - newborn boy wrapped and lying in his crib

Here are some tips that I like to share with my new moms to help make our time together run as smoothly as possible:

1. Schedule Your Session

When you and baby are scheduled to go home, send me an email and we’ll get the sesssion on the calendar.

Because our session will mainly take place in the baby’s nursery, we’ll plan to start when the natural light is the brightest in the room. Plan to set aside 1.5-2 hours.

2. The Night Before

Consider getting everything ready the night before the session. You just recently gave birth to your baby and things might get hectic and overwhelming. Try to avoid waiting to gather your
items together in the morning of our session to prevent feeling rushed.

3. Feeding Your Newborn Baby

Start feeding your baby 20 minutes before the photographers scheduled arrival time. This will ensure baby is happy and sleepy during our session.

4. Diaper Changes

Our session is paced on baby! If he/she needs a change, feeding, soothing, etc. then that’s exactly what we’ll do. We want baby to feel relaxed and happy throughout our entire session.

5. Extra Clothing

Make sure to have a swaddle and at least two sets of clothes. Your baby will most likely have multiple accidents during the session. To make the transition easy on baby, dress him/her in a diaper and cover them with a blanket before the feeding while waiting on my arrival.

Other Helpful Items for Baby

• Pacifiers
• Hair Brush
• Bibs & Burp Clothes
• Lots of Wipes
• Diapers
• Special accessories (optional)

Ready to get on my calendar? Get in touch!

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