How many wedding photographers do I need?

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How many wedding photographers do you need? In my opinion, it depends on both your wedding size and personal preferences.

As a Huntsville AL Wedding Photographer, I offer a variety of packages with the knowledge that some weddings absolutely need two photographers whereas other intimate events simply need one photographer to capture the day in its entirety.

One or two wedding photographers

As you decide if one or two wedding photographers is best for you, I recommend considering the following. (And yes, I’ll go into detail on each!)

  • The amount of locations you’ll be using for your wedding (getting ready, ceremony, reception, portraits, etc.)
  • The size of your wedding party
  • The reactions you hope to capture
  • The level of detail put into the decor
  • How many images you want

Location, location, location

Some wedding timelines require a photographer to be in two places at the same time. While I would split myself into two if I could, this is when a second photographer comes in so handy.

  • Getting ready in different locations
  • A separate wedding ceremony and reception location

For example, if the bride and groom are getting ready in different locations (places you would need to drive to), a second photographer allows you to capture candid moments from both the bride’s side of the family and the groom’s! With only one photographer, you have to forego photos of the men if they are somewhere else. However, if they’re at the same venue, but just in different rooms, one photographer is perfect!

The need for two photographers also applies when the ceremony and reception are in different locations. This lets you have two photographers in two places. For instance, one photographer can travel early to the reception to capture those gorgeous images of the detailed decor before guests begin to arrive. (And when guests do arrive, that photographer will be ready for candid photos while the other photographer stays with the couple.)

Fortunately, many venues in Huntsville, Alabama have a place to get ready, host the ceremony and enjoy the reception. This makes it easy to use only one photographer if that’s your preferred choice!

Same Pose Different Shots Different Angles 2 Wedding Photographers - Infinity Event Venue Golden Hour on the Bluff with bride and groom

Reactions from all angles

I photograph 75% of all weddings by myself. There is a certain magical sidestep you learn to capture the bride and groom as the ceremony begins. Every photographer ensures to capture the below:

  • Bride walking down the aisle
  • Groom’s reaction

However, if reactions from all angles are important to you, two photographers often makes it easy to get the following reactions, in addition to the above:

  • More photos of the bride walking down the aisle with her dad
  • Emotions shown on the faces of other close family members
  • Guest reactions
  • Cheers and celebrations after the vows and first kiss as newlyweds
  • The reactions from both the bride and groom during the first look

I can assure you that most professional wedding photographers are confident in their ability to capture the revered moments of the ceremony. A second photographer simply adds to the number and variety of images you can expect from that moment of a lifetime.

How many wedding photographers do I need - mother of the groom pinning the boutonniere

Wedding size

Bigger weddings need more coverage — it’s that simple. If you have a big family or a large guest list, two photographers makes it easier to capture candid moments and formal portraits with more of the guests.

On the other hand, though, two photographers may feel out of place at an intimate wedding. If you have only 10 guests, two photographers will certainly feel overwhelming and it is! If you’re planning a small wedding, I recommend choosing a wedding package with only one wedding photographer. Plus, with one wedding photographer, they often become like family themselves (which makes taking photos that much more organic)!

Details deluxe

When I’m a solo photographer at a wedding, I move around to capture everything. Some of my favorite weddings have been single shooter weddings.

That being said, I have worked at weddings with a lot of detail. Everything from the centerpieces to the napkins and florals have been carefully personalized. With two photographers, you can expect almost every last detail to be documented.

One photographer will often capture a high level of detail, but then move onto the main events with the couple. After all, the photographer needs to focus on the couple. It’s far more important to photograph the first dance than to wander around the reception taking behind the scenes photos. Two photographers lets you have both!

Timelines without a lot of time

And then there’s the wedding day with a tight timeline. I highly recommend two photographers for weddings that require a strict schedule. If you run behind at all, two photographers can split up. For example, I can photograph the entire bridal party while the second photographer takes the groomsmen photos.

Bonus images

Naturally, given that two photographers capture more reactions, angles and details, this means that your final wedding album will have so many keepsake images. This is the ultimate benefit of having two photographers at your wedding. If you’re someone who adores reminiscing with photos to flip through, you might just prefer two photographers, whether or not your wedding size actually calls for it.

How many wedding photographers do I need - Groom's reaction to bride walking down the aisle

How many wedding photographers do I need?

If you’re still wondering how many photographers you need, feel free to get in touch here. I’ve attended more weddings than most and can help you identify the true priorities for your wedding day. I also share wedding tips on Instagram if you want to follow along there.

Happy wedding planning!

How Many Wedding Photographers Do I Need

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