Glad you stopped by!  As my sweet Maw Maw would say, "Y'all stay a while."

Hello, I'm Tina, mom to twins and love’s biggest fan. Nothing in the world gets me more excited than taking wedding photos. I get to the point where I want to hang your photos on my wall!!

photographer in Huntsville, AL

Love is what life is all about.

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Given that photos tell stories, the experience should never feel forced, but rather, like a memory in the making. 

Depict what matters.

I encourage experiences that brim with love, because where love is, all else thrives.

Love above all else.

I am truly passionate about celebrating and supporting couples, and believe in doing so with a level of quality that is unmatched.

Consistency is key.

3 Things at the Heart of Twenty Oaks Photography

Photographer in Huntsville, AL

with Twenty Oaks Photography, Photographer in Huntsville, AL

I live in Huntsville, Alabama with my husband and our boy-girl twins! We also have an old man dog, Brutus! I get the warm and fuzzies at the thought of a cozy front porch, snail mail and a simple Sunday afternoon with family.

As for my backstory, I grew up wanting to be an artist. My godmother taught me acrylic painting, but my dad wanted more for me, encouraging me to excel in school, especially math. I began taking film photos in middle school and could never let go of the passion, even while working on a degree in mechanical engineering and starting a career as a licensed nuclear reactor operator. (So different from photography, I know!)

Like a lot of other entrepreneurs, the creative side of me couldn’t be hushed. My passion and career didn’t add up. To fix the equation, I started my business on the side and eventually went full-time in 2015. Photography is undeniably my biggest passion. I can't imagine doing anything else and being this happy.

Nowadays, you can find me sipping on a homemade latte, editing and dreaming (or really, living my dream) while listening to Frank Sinatra.

The kind that keeps you smiling from ear to ear.

A Brief Introduction

The Love I Believe In?

I come from a large family. My grandmother had nine kids and I grew up surrounded by my cousins on a daily basis. We love to sit around the table eating and laughing! It fills my heart with love.

I love jogging to disco! There's nothing quite like breathing in the fresh air and feeling gratitude for the ability to get out and move! It slows my mind down and grounds me.

I am an Enneagram type 2, wing 1. If I’m being honest, serving people is my life’s purpose.

Antiquing is one of the best activities to spark creativity! I also adore finding antiques to style wedding details with.

I love chocolate chip cookies more than anything in this world! 

I mix things up — often wearing big earrings and men’s style shoes like Oxfords.

What I Find Joy In (Besides Love!)








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