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A couple of weeks ago, I made a new friend and got to photograph her!  Meet Sierra!  She is just as kind as she is beautiful – AND that says a lot because she is stunning!  (And who wouldn’t love headshots in a yellow dress) We originally started chatting thanks to a Facebook group for photographers.  I was reaching out to other photogs in Oregon, because my husband and I were travelling to Portland for his job.  I knew I’d have a lot of free time while he was working and wanted to plan a shoot.

We put our ideas together and collaborated with Pacific Coast Floral Design.  Nicole created an incredible flower crown and the bouquet.  Her work outdid any expectations I had for the florals!  The colors complimented Sierra’s yellow dress perfectly!

Y’all, Sierra’s beauty and grace is no exaggeration!  She is seriously one of the most positive people I’ve ever met.  Have you ever met someone with so much kindness that it actually shifts something in your heart?  Her unwavering faith is such an inspiration!

Bridesmaid walking on the beach in yellow dress - yellow white pink burgundy bouquet - Huntsville Wedding Photographerzebra sand with wildflower bouquet Headshots in yellow dress - flower crownThis sand is so unique!  I’ve never seen anything like it in the southeast.

zebra beach sand - portrait of girl in yellow dress walking along the beachHuntsville Wedding Photographer - Wildflower bouquet - yellow white and burgundy bouquet - headshot in yellow dressOn this particular day I was hoping for a dreamy sunset but was met with that dense Oregon coast fog.  That did not stop us from having fun and getting amazing shots.

flower crown - bride on the beachSierra’s cousin, Anna, joined and helped us during out shoot.  (Anna also did Sierra’s makeup!)  Sierra was chatting with us about how much she adored this yellow dress but was couldn’t really think of an appropriate place to wear it.  Anna and I instantly agreed – “Everywhere!”  Haha!

Headshot in Yellow Dress - wildflower bouquet Black and white image of girl on the beach with birds flying aheadBridesmaids in Yellow Dress - Laughing - wild flower bouquet - Huntsville Wedding PhotographyGirl at the beach on cloudy day - beach wedding - Huntsville Wedding PhotographerGirl in yellow dress at the beach - beach wedding - yellow bridesmaidsHuntsville Wedding Photographer - Yellow bridesmaids dress - walking along the beach

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