Freiburger Family | Hays Nature Preserve

On Easter Eve the Freiberger family and I spent a little time together at Hays Nature Preserve. We were scheduled to meet a little over an hour before sunset to take advantage of the golden light. Upon arrival I was pleasantly surprised to see the nearby fields covered in wild flowers. It was a perfect spring day: 70(ish) degrees with the right amount of flowers in bloom.

Although they are currently a family of six, not long ago I was photographing them as a family of five. The first time I met the Freiberger’s, Amanda was about 6 months pregnant with Preston. Now he is two years old and loves to talk. It’s such an honor to watch families grow and personalities develop in front of my lens throughout the years!


The yellow wild flowers complemented the Freiburger’s outfits beautifully!


Meet the sweetest and most tender hearted four kiddos! Their love for each other shines bright! Even when I wasn’t photographing them, they played, laughed, and sang together.









While we said our goodbyes, the sun set just below the horizon. A cool breeze picked up while the eldest two broke out in a sprint for the car.

Without a doubt the Easter bunny left baskets full of extra goodies this night!

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