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Tina Higgins

North Alabama Portrait & Wedding Photographer

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Let me tell your story.

Your genuine personalities are what shine through in a photo, enabling me to capture your true love, your connection with one another, and your moments in time. Your photos will feel timeless, classic, romantic, and full of light - all with the simplistic grace that I strive for. Photography, for me, has been a lifelong love and I view each digital photo today with the same childlike wonder I did when I was young and received newly developed film.

My name is Tina Higgins and I am passionate about telling your unique story through my lens. My inspiration is derived from pure moments radiating from people in love. I have found that genuine emotions produce timeless photographs. When you look back on my images I want you to remember the feeling you had in the moment. When I look back at them I want to remember what it was like to witness such an extraordinary event.

Photography allows me to create through the medium of emotion. I love connecting with my clients, being a part of their journeys, and telling their stories with my images. I would be honored to tell yours. Connect with me today so we can begin to build your story, in photographs.

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